Hi I’m Sinae 🙂

Insights Manager at Shopping Behaviour Xplained Ltd… This is my personal blog; all views are my own.
(If you’d like to have a look at what SBXL has to offer and some actual shopper facts, check out the Blog I write over there SBXL Blog)

I originally started writing this blog during university so a couple of the categories are academic based.. (Research & Statistics and Science of Education). but you may still find these of interest, or you may even be a current Psychology student who has stumbled upon this blog and want to learn more, so please feel free to have a browse around these categories!!

I really enjoyed this blogging business, so once my blogging modules were out of the way I decided I wanted to keep it up, I started writing about the uni module that I was mostly interested in -the module I knew I wanted to turn into a career – Consumer Psychology. I had fun blogging about this and I think it really helped with my module grade!!

After finishing university and entering “the real world”, I haven’t been able to blog as much as I used to.. but I’m still trying to keep it up and will try and post as much as I can :D.


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