John Lewis Christmas advert 2013

Christmas is a wonderful time for advertising!!

I absolutely love John Lewis’ adorable Christmas ads. There was last year with the Snowman wondering off to get his wife a new cosy hat and glove set to keep her warm… So cute! They even made a twitter account for the snowman which you should sooo follow because he’s so funny hehe. And of course not forgetting 2011s ad where the little boy is so eager for Christmas just to give his parents a preset. Awww!

Anyway, after the success of previous JL ads, everyone (or maybe just advertising nerds) were eager to check out what John Lewis had in store for this year..

And Ive got to say they’ve definitely won me over again. This year they focus on friendship rather than romance or family, which I think is a great idea as friends are very important around Xmas too!! Using old animators from Disney and a beautiful Keane cover from Lily Allen, they have produced a 2 minute advert of a pair of best friends – a bear and a hare!!! On the build up to winter the hare is very sad knowing his friend will be leaving him in the winter to hibernate, then when he goes it’s all sad, but the hare makes sure the bear has the best Christmas when we wakes up from hibernation. Aw it’s so cute!! JL wanted to show the importance of finding the perfect present for friends 🙂

Check it out here… Or you can catch its ‘launch’ on telly tomorrow during the X factor!!!