p-p-p-point me in the right direction

It’s amazing what people do for a little bit of cuteness 🙂

Saatchi & Saatchi X London

When was the last time you went to the Aquarium? If like us, the answer is an age ago, then you’re not on your own. Sunshine aquarium in Tokyo was suffering from dwindling footfall numbers and decided to do something about it. Situated less than 1km away from the nearest train station, location wasn’t the issue. People had just forgotten about it and were being distracted by all of the newer tourist attractions. So, they created the penguin NAVI app.

NAVI Penguin App

Shoppers were encouraged to download the app at the nearest station via QR codes (we know, we know. QR codes? Really? We were sceptical too, but bear with us) and once activated, an augmented reality rookery of penguins appear out of nowhere to guide shoppers along the short walk to Sunshine Aquarium.

And it seems like the cuteness factor paid off. Aquarium attendance increased 152% in the month the campaign…

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The Rice Experiment

Have you ever heard about the power of positive thinking?? If you are a positive person with happy & nice thoughts then life will give you positive things back. Whereas, if you’re a negative person, in return you will receive negativity.

Well apparently this goes for rice too.. yes, rice. 

So we decided to start a little experiment in the office (just for fun, we don’t get paid for doing crazy experiments with mouldy food). This is called ‘The Rice Experiment’. Where you have two jars full of rice; the jars are identical, contain the same amount of rice, the same type of rice and so on, the only difference is one jar is labelled something positive, and the other is labelled negatively. 

Here is our rice..!! 


Every day (for a month) you must be nice to the ‘nice rice’ and horrible to the ‘stupid rice’. And apparently… after 30 days, the negative rice will turn mouldy!!!! So we are going to spend 30 days talking to jars of rice. 

These pics were taken on day 1 of The Rice Experiment, just to show you that they are identical!


Some people think this is bonkers, some people think this will work..

What do you expect will happen?

I’ll keep you updated on what we find 😉