Just an update..

Helloooo all my lovely, loyal followers!!

Wooops.. so it seems I haven’t updated this blog in almost 2 months.. But the good news is I haven’t lost any followers yet, hehe, so thanks for sticking by ;-).

You’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been hiding, and basically I finished uni and managed to get myself a job (Go me!). Very pleased about my new job as it’s in the area that I wanted to go into, it’s a great location, everyone is very nice and I’m enjoying the work!! So anyway, as I’ve been trying to get into the swing of working 9-5 and then attempting to manage a social life whilst making sure I get enough sleep to get up again the next day, I’ve not had any time to blog. BUT I’ve finally settled into it all and I’m hoping to start getting my posts back up and running.

I shall be posting soon 🙂