Scream’s Yellow Card

Being into Consumer Psychology I’m not supposed to be fooled by loyalty cards, but I’ve got to say I’m obsessed with this little beauty!!


When me and my uni buddies go out for lunch in Bangor, we always discuss where to go and we always end up at the same place pretty much every single time, a pub called “Yellow”. Funny thing is.. the pub’s name isn’t even “Yellow” it’s actually called.. “The Old Glan” (or “Ye Hen Glan” for the Welsh) but I don’t think anyone has ever called it that, or even know that’s its name for that matter.

I originally thought the reason everyone calls the pub “Yellow” is because the outside of the building is yellow, but turns out it’s because it is part of the student-orientated pub chain “Scream” which is the creator of the yellow card!

So what’s so great about this little card and why does it work so well??

Well card owners are able to get 50% off food. Yes, that’s right, HALF PRICE FOOD!! So you can get a meal for like £2/3. Bargain. Obviously this is great for poor little students who don’t have much money (who probably shouldn’t be blowing their loans on pub grub…). If that’s not good enough, you can even get something like 25% off drinks (draughts and certain spirits).

So get the students in for lunch in the day time and provide them with a meal for a couple of quid then you’ve got them all happy, loyal and willing to come back in the evening for drinks!! I’m a prime example of a loyal customer as I still like to go there in the evening for drinks despite the offer not applying to the drinks I buy.

Another clever tactic that Scream’s company use is by placing the pubs close to universities. Like I said, it’s a student-orientated pub chain so it makes sense to be close to a uni as that’s where the students are. But not only are students going to be tempted to eat there due to the Yellow-card scheme but by putting it close to the uni’s facilities then they’re going to be even more tempted. This is more likely going to make consumers go there rather than having to walk further to some other pub, they can just pop there during lecture breaks and what not. Oh oh, also they offer free WiFi, to tempt students in to do work whilst they enjoy their £2 lunch.

I’d definitely recommend eating and drinking at Yellow to any new student joining Bangor this year. Make sure you get yourself a yellow card!