Despicable Me 2

Here’s one for the Despicable Me Fans!!

An interesting way to promote and get consumers excited for a new animated film.. interview a ‘real life’ cartoon character haha (This is Steve Carell dressed up as his character Gru from Despicable me talking about the new movie).

Sorry I don’t have chance to write much for this post as I’m rehearsing for a presentation I need to give at uni tomorrow.. but thought it was too good not to share. Drop me a comment if you have any thoughts on how or why you think this is a good (or bad) idea for promoting a new film.



2 thoughts on “Despicable Me 2

  1. xsarahspeaksx says:

    They should’ve just got Dara O’Briain to do it. Massive resemblance haha. Can’t wait to watch it! The Ellen show is also one of my favourite things on tv 😉 Xx
    P.s sorry that’s nothing about the promotion and marketing haha

  2. aarrondprime says:

    This was a genius idea. When promoting films normally, actors have to give dozens of interviews answering the same banal questions over and over again. In most cases, you can really see how bored the actor is from promoting their own movie. This to me doesn’t make the movie sound as exciting and I’m sure a “casual” movie goer would think this. In this case Steve Carell and the host really put some fun and engery into his apperance and it was a genuine pleasure to watch. It made me excited to watch this film where as before I was in different.

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