Monumite – A Shrine to Marmite

Me and my boyfriend had the day off from uni and work and couldn’t decide what to do for the day. So being the cool person that I am, I suggested we go on an adventure around Burton on trent (our home town) to track down the Marmite statue!!! Our adventure was successful. Not that it was particularly difficult to find…

So what’s the point of this statue?? Apparently it’s all a massive addition to the love/hate debate. There was a competition back in 2010 to find out if there were more Marmite lovers or haters. The Marmite lovers won, and this is what they wanted to do to show their appreciation for Marmite by placing a shrine in the town where it’s made. Its been revealed that the sculpture has been made to pay homage to Marmite’s wonderful legacy and will mark the nation’s unconditional affection towards one of Britain’s most iconic brands.

As someone who has lived in Burton my whole life (apart from uni during term time). I can’t help but find it a bit odd, there wasn’t much talk about the statue and not many people here even know it exists, it’s literally just plonked behind the town’s library and next to a local park, but I guess it is kinda cool that we are the creators of such a big and successful brand and this had been placed here to “mark the appreciation” 🙂

please excuse my squinted eye – stupid sun




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