Wonderbra’s safety line

Back again with the guerrilla marketing rambles.

Today I wanted to talk about one that’s completely different to the Lego advert, just to broaden knowledge as have no idea what will come up in the exam.


So this advert is advertising Wonderbra. Just to remind you that this is what the Wonderbra logo looks like:

wonderbra 2

So as you can see it’s a clever little thing they’ve done here.. put the logo on an additional yellow line on the tube station platform, so it all looks like part of the platform design. As the original yellow line is a safety line informing travellers to stand behind so that they don’t get hurt by the tube train, some suggest that Wonderbra’s additional line is trying to suggest that buying this brand’s bra will make you so enhanced you will have to stand even further back… but I’m not so sure I agree with that one lol.

Market Segmentation
So this advert is initially targeting female consumers and Wonderbra is aimed at women around their 20’s. So this placement here is great; as many women in this age group travel by tube for work or leisure.This age group have a great need for peer acceptance, and they are often influenced by their peers; placing this ad in a place where consumers are likely to be travelling with their peers is a good idea! This age group are also less likely to be loyal to a brand than more mature age-groups; so Wonderbra reminding them to try out their brand is cool.

In terms of grabbing our attention; I don’t think this ad does it very well :/. It’s not big, it’s not really intense or unexpected because tube travellers probably don’t take much notice to it as they think it’s just the platform design. However, it is isolated – there are no other adverts in its immediate area. The colour is a tricky one to analyse, it is good because its yellow (high arousal colour meaning more attention grabbing), but because it is the same colour as the other safety line people may just think it’s part of the platform design and not may much attention to it.

Another thing, adverts are more likely to grab consumers’ attention if they are eye-level or high up, this advert may not be very effective with it being on the ground.

Needs and Interests
As I mentioned in the Lego post, for an advert to be effective it should connect with consumers’ needs. Whether it is to influence the consumer on how they perceive their current state “Do I need a new bra?” . Or even if it’s to remind them of their needs “Maybe I need a new bra to go with the dress I’m wearing on Friday night”. I think this advert does well here, especially if the consumer is catching the tube to head shopping.. they will be reminded of Wonderbra’s brand and this may influence their decision when shopping. This advert activates the following human needs: need for social image (show off how great their figure looks) and need for variety (have a variety of different bras).

Another way to grab attention is to connect with consumers’ interests, as consumers are attentive to things relevant to their interests. Not really sure if this is relevant.

This ad does well in helping the consumer remember the brand in a number of ways.
For one, it’s a good way to remind the consumer of the brand, I doubt most women would be thinking about bras during their travels, so it’s a good way to make them think about it. Clarity is also a way for companies to get consumers to remember their brand, this advert works with that as it is clear and simple, without loads of confusing words or pictures distracting the consumer from the brand’s name.

A brand is remembered if it uses concrete words (which it does ‘wonder’ and ‘bra’) and suggestive names (which it does, Wonderbra = a bra that does wonders). So this is good for the advert as when the consumer goes shopping she will easily remember the brand Wonderbra due to it’s name, more so than maybe other competitive brands. I know this is more about the brand its self, but of course it’s all a part of the marketing.

If the consumer does notice the advert and if they do understand the joke then it will be remembered as it’s funny, as positive moods and humour make people remember things.

To end
Aaaaah, this one was a lot more difficult to analyse than the Lego one (you could probably tell lol). Wanted to set myself a challenge though in case the one in the exam is difficult :/ But I will say that the advert is good and effective due to its humour and placement in the tube station.. IF it is noticed.


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