My exam is approaching in a couple of days and we have been told that part of the exam will be an essay about guerilla marketing (this is basically an advert that is outside). We haven’t been told what the essay is exactly going to ask or what advert it’s going to show, but I thought I’d try and write a couple of posts about this type of marketing to get my practise in. Also to inform you guys in the process!!

At random I decided to talk about this ad, dunno why.. it just looked cool.

Who is it aimed at?
Let’s start at the marketing segmentation. Who is it aimed at.. we’ll say mainly children shall we? (debatable, I know grown men who like to play with lego..) but yeah, we’ll say children. But as children aren’t really going to be the buyers, this ad is also going to be aimed towards their parents too – parents buy but kids are still involved in the purchase decisions.

What are Lego trying to do?
This advert is trying to grab our attention. As I previously mentioned, in order for an advert to be attention grabbing it needs to be big, intense, colourful, unexpected and isolated. Quite simple really.. this ad definitely ticks all these points.

Remind Consumers of their needs and interests
In addition to this, in order to grab attention, ads want to connect with consumers’ needs. This is because people are attentive to things relevant to their needs. Whether this may be to influence the consumer on how they perceive their current state “Do I need more lego?”. Or if it is to remind them of their needs “I need some more lego” or “My nephew’s birthday is coming up.. maybe he’d like some lego”. This advert activates the following human needs: need for pleasure (Lego provides fun for the consumer), need to possess (this one is particularly valid to people who collect, so lego collectors) and we could also say the need to give (may have the desire to give gifts – lego may be that perfect gift).

Another way to grab attention is to connect with consumers’ interests, as consumers are attentive to things relevant to their interests. Fairly simple that one “I like lego… Seeing this big thing makes me want to buy lego”.

General influential psychological factors
When adverts are outside of stores they are more likely to be noticed by consumers if they are either at eye-level or high up! So this Lego advert works well as it is waaay up high in the skyyyy.

Another thing.. feelings activated by adverts can influence attitudes towards brands or products. I would probably say that this advert activates feelings such as excitement and amusement?? So these positive feelings are great as consumers will associate these feelings with Lego.

The colour is good as the use of red and yellow are high-arousal colours, this means that they are more attention grabbing.

Finally, memory.
An ad that is memorable is extremely important. For a company to help consumers remember their brand or product, their advert should be attention grabbing (which this is..). It should also remind consumers about their brand/product, this advert does this because as it’s a guerilla ad it is reminding consumers about the product even when they’re not shopping. Also, a consumer is likely to remember an advert if it improves their mood – we could say that this advert improves a consumer’s mood positively (walking down the dull street and then seeing this unexpected advert is quite amusing), thus consumers are more likely to remember it.

Soooo overall, from a consumer psychological perspective I would say this is a very good advert.


3 thoughts on “Lego!

  1. Nai says:

    Just a random thought but I wonder if it links to brand competition at all. First glance I would have thought it would be an advert for Meccano rather than Lego – maybe trying to branch out suggesting that Lego could also now be appropriate for older ages? Rather than the younger child.

    Wish I had thought about emotions and fun when I had my exam on this…..

    • Sinae says:

      Hey! Yeah that’s a really good point 🙂 I did think about brand competition but I had no idea who Lego would have to compete with.. So thanks for reminding me to think outside the box!

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