Obsessed with Snapchat

The new craze that’s taking over the smart phone world is a new app called Snapchat (ok, it’s not so new, but us Brits are only just catching up with it). I was wondering what the psychology behind Snapchat is all about – what makes this so fun and why consumers are obsessed with it.


The Snapchat app allows users to quickly send a picture to any of their mates who have the app, the user gets to control how long the receiver sees the picture (any time between 1-10seconds). After the chosen time the photo self-destructs.. never to be seen again*.

Let’s be honest, this app is kinda pointless.. All Snapchat users have mobile phones so could just text their friends, if it’s the photos they so wish to share they could even send them photos via text messages or upload to social media sites. So what is it about this app that people are loving??
Well here’s the thing, snapchat isn’t your usual photo-sharing site like instagram or facebook. The creaters revealed the purpose behind this app was to build an app that doesn’t conform to unrealistic notions of beauty or perfection but rather creates a space to be funny, honest and ‘now’. The creaters behind Snapchat wanted this to be a way to communicate with the full range of human emotion — not just what appears to be pretty or perfect.

So Snapchat is all about the silliness!!!!

Being silly and relaxed and knowing the photo will delete after 10 seconds I guess increases self-esteem because you’re letting someone see you as your natural self being relaxed and silly (not the usual way you’d like to appear in photos) but then its’ almost like they’ll forget about it in 10 seconds.

Another thing I came across when looking into this is that it makes people feel ‘wanted’. For the receiver to view your image they only get a couple of seconds to look so they have to use concentration when opening up the pic, which means they are giving you their FULL attention otherwise they’ll miss the pic.

Then there’s the simple reason as to why people are obsessed with Snapchat – people love authentic communication. Being able to send quick pics (for free) to your mates is a quick and easy way to show them what you’re up to right now, without having to send a lengthy text or a time consuming phone call.

Why do you like Snapchat? 🙂

*obviously these pictures don’t actually disappear forever. Any photo shared over the internet will always remain around in the technology air lol. Also you can screenshot the photos but the app does notify you when someone has done so.


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