Apple vs Samsung.. vs Microsoft

I LOVE this advert.

I’ll let you watch it first before rambling on to see if you can guess what it’s advertising.

It’s just so true, I’m team Apple and my boyfriend is team Samsung, yesterday we were winding each other up.. he is constantly trying to tell me about the dark side but I’m now far too loyal to Apple to consider a Samsung phone in the future (maybe I’ll blog about brand loyalty one day..). Anyway, the other day, his precious Samsung Galaxy S3 randomly broke it just wouldnt turn on!!! I couldn’t help but tease him about it (I’m not mean really, it’s all under control and will be fixed soon).. to his reply “yeah and how much money did you spend when you dropped your iPhone” so the conversation went back and forth. Leading us to discuss this advert as we reminded ourselves of it.. to which we both said “Good ad. Still wouldn’t make me buy a Microsoft Windows phone though”.

Which is what I find interesting about this advert, it’s funny but I think it’s more aimed towards Samsung & Apple nerds who are far too loyal to leave their brand, so they aren’t going to be tempted to buy a Windows phone no matter how great the advertising is. Maybe they could have tried another technique in order to get people who are on the fence about what brand too choose.

Apart from that, it’s great.. it instantly grabs your attention and you don’t know where it’s going so you want to watch until the end to see what it’s advertising. The humour in it works well as well as I think many people can relate to this Apple-Samsung debate!! Also, I like the way the ad isn’t pushy, Microsoft just quickly slip in “Don’t fight. Switch” clear and simple without being forceful!

What do you think?


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