What made me buy this?

Who likes pink? Females.
Who drinks energy drinks? Students.
Who is going to be excited when they see this pink lucozade right by the entrance of asda? Female students.
So, I fall into this category. This drink is aimed at me.


But being a consumer psychology student, shouldn’t I have known better to know that this drink is just a marketing trick to make me buy Lucozade’s products? Yes. But I still bought it! I didn’t even know if I liked pink lemonade before wondering to the till with it in my hand. It was just so pretty and pink and stood out from all the other drinks, I felt like that was the drink I had to choose.

Let’s make a note of the genius marketing plan behind this sale. Asda is literally seconds anyway from Bangor’s uni library, so many students are going to be popping in there on their way to uni to pick up snacks and study treats. In this store, the drinks are instantly on the left hand side of the store when you walk in. Apparently little snacks & sandwiches are always placed near the entrance of the store for 2 reasons – 1. It gives off a nice welcoming impression and 2. so customers dont get frustrated walking round for ages just to buy a bottle of pop. So this makes customers happy and satisfied with the store.. leading to them wanting to do their weekly shop there too.

One thing I have noticed about Bangor’s Asda is that there is sooooo much choice of energy drinks, I’m not sure if this is something I’ve just never noticed at other stores or if it is a clever marketing plan as they know the uni is right next to their store so students are their main customers and students want energy drinks to keep them up as long as possible to study. So what’s next… now I’ve got to choose which energy drink I want. Hmmm but all of these drinks look boring, I want something nice and fruity. Something sweet! Ooo, look at this bright pink thing here. I like pink. I must have it.

Another thing that makes this drink so special is those 2 magic words “limited edition”. Sometimes products aren’t even limited edition, but it’s used because these 2 words make consumers instantly think they need to buy the product right here and now otherwise they will miss out. Limited Edition also works as people love owning something exclusive!!

limited edition

One final thing, this drink was on offer “2 for £.150” or 1 for £1.18… to be fair, this is actually a really good deal. But how often do I drink lucozade? Not very often (well until recently). But they will be pleased to know I now have several of these drinks. Something as simple as “2 for £1.50” gets customers excited as people love the idea of saving money.

So baring in mind, I knew all this..Luzacade you still managed to work your magic and get a sale and I never even use to drink Lucozade but now look what’s happened!!



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