Still seeing it as your worst enemy?

Man, this is Emart Sale Navigation is literally identical to my A-Level Product Design idea, if only I had taken it to dragon’s den.. I could have been rich by now 😉

Anyway, check out this blog post. It’s worth a read!

Saatchi & Saatchi X London

While many retailers around the world relentlessly try to fight back against shoppers walking in-store armed with their smartphones, seeing them as the most dangerous threat to their businesses, some brands are wisely starting to consider mobile as a potential ally.

Take Emart, the leading South Korean hypermarket, who recently launched the Emart Sale Navigation project, adopting an innovative LED light based technology (much more reliable than indoor GPS).

A smartphone application shows shoppers the navigation map of the store where they are buying and where a number of discounts are located. It drives consumers through the exact route to reach them and alerts them on the opportunity to download coupons to take with them, when they are near an on-sale item.

Moreover, Hointer, a jeans shop in Seattle, is using a mix of robotics, mobile technology and fashion to deliver its predominantly male audience with a hassle-free shopping experience.

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