“You’re More Beautiful Than You Think”

This advert has been splashed aaaaaaall over the internet and I’ve read many other bloggers and students’ opinions on this ad. Some people think it’s offensive to women and are suggesting that Dove are calling women stupid. Whereas others have found it inspiring and say it’s great for women’s self-esteem. I thought it was time to share my opinion on this, and as a woman, I think the campaign is really inspiring!!

You can view all of the sketches here and as you can see the sketch described by the second person is always more ‘beautiful’ and actually more of an accurate representation of how the woman looks. What Dove are trying to say here is that women see themselves as ‘uglier’ than they actually are, and that they focus too much on their assets that they dislike rather than the ones that they like. Dove are suggesting that women should turn this around and start focusing on the features they do like about themselves.

This isn’t Dove’s first attempt at trying to build women’s confidence and a positive self-image. There was the first Real Beauty campaign where they wanted real women of all shapes and sizes in their ads instead of size 0 models plastered in makeup. (Only thing that bugged me here is that some women are naturally teeny tiny size 0, it would have been nice to have seen some of these women in the pics too).

real beauty

And, why should we view a feature as negative when it could actually be a positive?

Dove questions ed4

There was also the Evolution of Beauty, where they wanted to show that women often seen in adverts and on TV aren’t natural; they are usually photoshopped. So we shouldn’t get upset when we don’t look like this.. because well, it’s actually impossible unless someone invents a real-life photo shop booth.

evo of beauty

I think Dove (well Unilever) are actually a really great company for going down this route of marketing. Of course we all know that whilst they are trying to make us ladies feel happy and confident in our bodies.. at the same time they are still trying to sell their products. Many people have brought this up and tried to find faults with their campaigns due to this. Suggesting that the women in the ads are already too beautiful or that they’ve got their stats wrong, or that Dove are being sneaky and don’t really mean it and are literally just trying to sell soap.

…Of course they want to increase sales, but they are also trying to provide a significant change in redefining advertising standards and trying to stop the unrealistic ideas of the way women look. But even if they are just trying to sell soap.. who cares?! These ads are working by making women feel more confident about themselves and making them realise that they are beautiful. So I’m totally for these ads!

Well done Dove!

Just to remind you this is my own opinion on the campaign, I understand people have different views. In fact, it’d be lovely to hear (well, read) some of your opinions?


6 thoughts on ““You’re More Beautiful Than You Think”

  1. Nai says:

    I love the Dove adverts, especially the early ones which were really original. I just wish they didn’t have to be owned by Unilever who also own Lynx – because the adverts they use for lynx has the opposite message.

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