Logos – if they told the truth

You know you’ve hit the jackpot with brand awareness when consumers can instantly identify your brand just by seeing the logo (or even just part of the logo)!!! You’re probably all familiar with the smart phone games like LogoQuiz and Icomania where people will spend hours guessing the name of particular logos.

Well, I stumbled across this earlier Logos If They Told The Truth – a silly twist on famous logos of what someone thinks they should really say. A lot of them are American but I bet you’ll still recognise them (and agree with what they say :P)

These were some of my faves:
Facebook: Procrastination. Think many people can relate to this.

Carlsberg: Carolies. I think there’s almost 200 calories in a pint of Carlsberg haha.

Starbucks: sugarbomb combos. But it’s the crazy amount of sugar that makes them taste so yummy!!


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