Attention Grabbing Ads

Our Consumer lecture this week was all about exposure and attention, one of the main topics was grabbing attention.

These days we are bombarded with adverts so advertisers need to do all they can in order for theirs to stand out and be remembered. For an effective attention-grabbing ad it needs to be big and intense. Have a good use of colour. Be isolated – by this I mean it should try and avoid being near other ads that will try and compete for its attention. It should be able to entertain us. Be unexpected, we all have expectations of what we are likely to encounter during our daily routine so something that is unexpected creates a mental incongruity. It should also be distinctive, this is fairly simple really – the ad that stands out the most will create the most attention. Finally human attraction is great for grabbing attention, so using celebrities is good for this, kinda like I spoke about in my previous post.. and also the use of naked people grabs our attention (But sorry boys, I won’t be including any of these examples in my blogs haha).

Here’s an example of some extreme attention-grabbing ad in relation to these things:


Mcdonald’s.. so they’ve definitely gone big and intense by taking up the whole of road! It’s definitely unexpected too.. not the usual thing you expect to see when casually roaming the streets. And it’s entertaining, I wouldn’t say crossing the road is one of the most thrilling choices of activities haha but this makes it a bit more fun in a weird way. They’ve got the use of colour for grabbing our attention, nobody is going to miss that bright red and yellow thing on the floor are they? Also red is the most attention-grabbing out of all of the colours. McDonald’s have also done a great job by making this ad isolated and distinctive.

Not sure how they’ve got away with it though.. I mean are the fries supposed to be a zebra crossing? Surely cars will get a bit confused over this and cause accidents on the road.
This is actually one of the problems that comes with attention-grabbing adverts.. they come with risks.

Take this one for example:


I mean that’s some cool advertising, the first thing that comes to mind for me in terms of risks is “the cars will crash due to focusing on that rather than the road” and “people are going to think there’s an actual man on that billboard” haha.

But there are other risks with attention-grabbing stimuli: it might distract you from the rest of the message, it may infere with information processing, and sometimes it can even be seen as manipulative.

One other point on how to get the most attention grabbing ad is to add some movement!! I may go into more detail on this on another post 😀


4 thoughts on “Attention Grabbing Ads

  1. riebobs says:

    I’m studying BA creative advertising at the moment so it’s really nice to hear a more psychology based perspective on these ads as it isn’t something we look at in our course, love your recent posts, thought i would let you know! Thanks for posting 🙂

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