Pepsi and Beyonce

I take the Consumer Psychology module so analysing adverts is actually beneficial towards my exam… ;-).

I started writing this the day the advert first came out (April 4th or something) but like I said on previous post.. I’ve actually been too busy to procrastinate, and then I ended up being ill. But now my dissertation is in a good place, it’s 5am, I can’t sleep so what else is there to do apart from write optional blog posts related to your degree…? Lol

For those of you who know me, you’ll know I’m a huge Beyonce fan and a massive consumer psychology nerd (I love adverts). So this new Pepsi advert starring Beyonce is just my idea of perfection!!!

Here’s Beyonce strutting her stuff practising for her new music video (eeeeek! I love how we got a sneak preview of the new song). She stops to take a break from her hard work with that nice cold can of Pepsi. When she suddenly starts having a dance off with herself in the mirror – incase you don’t know the Beyonces in the mirror are her older selves from previous music videos :D. I think this is really cool for Pepsi’s Live for Now campaign. As it’s like she’s living for now with the Pepsi break during her new dance video, but (like she says) embracing the past by seeing her former self in the reflection. It’s cool how the song is called “Grown Woman” so it’s like shes seeing how far she’s come etc etc.

I’m not sure if I still quite get this whole celebrity endorsement thing though. Research says that consumers actually believe that the celebrities are motivated by the product rather than the money they are being paid to star in the ads (Atkin & Block, 1983). But other research says that celeb endorsement only works if the consumer can relate the celebrity to the product (Tim & Shimp, 1998)… but in my opinion, for someone such as Beyonce with such a toned figure, I don’t really know how we can relate her to a fizzy drink lol.

Also, research has shown that celebrity endorsement doesn’t actually increase sales, so why are companies still doing it?

I think even if technically the celebrity doesn’t encourage people to buy the product. Maybe seeing the celebrity in the advert captures our attention and makes us remember the advert, and thus makes us remember the product. This is a great example, Beyonce fans (and considering ALL her UK tour tickets sold out within 10 minutes just a couple of months ago – there must be a lot of them) are going to remember this advert because it’s so unique and exciting??? So we’ll probably subconsciously wanting to drink pepsi all day? haha

196683-beyonce-pepsi creepy

Oh here’s a load of people moaning about celebrities encouraging obesity and what not:


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