Reflective Blog – Oops, sorry about the essay

So it is time to reflect on the past 9 weeks. What a great 9 weeks they have been!

The Module

If I’m completely honest when I first started out this module I had little interest in the science of learning (I know, I’m sorry I’m sorry). The main reason I chose this module was because it was blog-based, and after the research methods blogs in second year I was really looking forward to getting back into blogging.

But oh how things have changed! During these 9 weeks I have actually begun to really enjoy learning about learning. As a student it’s been helpful to research scientific things about learning because obviously this is going to help me with my studies, shame it’s the final module of the year though eh? I feel as though I have learnt so much, actually the most from this module than from any other module throughout uni, I think this is because we have been thrown out there and been made to find things for ourselves. We haven’t been told what to learn, so we’ve been learning about things because we want to!! (I cant remember the name of who said it, but I actually have learnt on this module that you are going to be more motivated if you are interested 😀 hehe – see theres me showing off my new found knowledge!).

The Blogs

With blogs, I like that we get to choose whatever we want to write about, find all the information on it and then post and share it with everyone ready to see their opinions on the topic. It may be quite a demanding way to be assessed – basically having a mini essay to write every week, but I personally much prefer this rather than being forced to do a stressful exam at the end of the semester.

The Comments

If I had to give one criticism to this module, I’m sorry but it would have to be about the comments. I’m not saying we shouldn’t comment on others’ blogs, not at all! I think this is a great idea, I’ve learnt loads from other peoples’ comments on my blogs and I hope I have helped others with my comments.

I just feel as though it was a bit too stressful at times, in order to boost a grade we were required to do 6+ comments. In order for me to write a “good” comment I would say it took me about 1-2 hours per comment!!! As first there was to read and choose a blog to comment on – then ensure you understood what they were saying – then read any comments already posted on their blog – then try and find something extra and beneficial to contribute – then make sure you can back up your argument with supporting evidence. So yeah, it took me a very long time, and I can understand that maybe my argument for this criticism is weak because we are final year university students, we should be able to handle the pressure, but I just wanted to point it out ☺.

The Presentations

Aaaaaaah the presentations. Ok, this is going to sound crazy… But when we went to that first introduction seminar 10 weeks ago to find out about the module, Jesse told us that we would have to present 4 of our blogs and UPLOAD 2 of them. This actually horrified me, I actually considered swapping modules due to this because oral presentations terrify me. Then I thought, “don’t be so silly, just get on with it, whats the worse that can happen”.

I’m really pleased I just got up and went with it. I still may get nervous but its good to see recorded videos of yourself because you can find areas of how to improve and to make yourself a better speaker. Looking back on my presentations I can definitely see how I have improved over the course of the presentations. Still a bit more to go but I think I might be “almost” ready for that big scary project presentation lol.

Uh but anyway, I think this wasn’t the reason we were made to do talks!! I think Jesse wanted us to do the talks in order to present our blogs and get the discussions flowing in class too. It definitely did this. I think by watching the person deliver the talk was a good way to hear about what they had learnt and you could ask direct questions there and then.

Presentations were also cool for the “face behind the blog” thing. Made it a bit more personal when commenting on blogs, so it wasn’t just like you were talking to PSU-whoever, you actually felt as though you were talking to a classmate.

Sorry I’ve rambled a bit. I don’t think many people are even going read this one haha!! But yeah – it’s been great! If you are someone who is thinking of doing this module next year then I would say go for it! IF you are prepared to take on the work load, of course. It is definitely not a “easy-option” module.

So that’s it. My last ever blog post for Bangor uni 😦

Thanks for reading.
Bye Bye!


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