Everyone loves a doodle (NM)

Not Marked
Today’s educational procrastination: Doodles.

I know what you’re thinking “Doodles are not educational”. But fear not.. this fantastic doodle is of my dissertation LOL.

Basically for the dissertation project, we were investigating whether different learning materials (learning from a textbook or a website) along with the offer of a reward would make someone work harder and perform better on a test. So yeah here’s a drawing of a little dude in our experiment, he’s revising from the textbook condition (we made them study The Human Eye), he was offered a reward so there he is working really hard to get his reward.

Maybe I could just hand this drawing in instead of writing 6000 words.

A* right there, ey?

I would find some research that shows doodling is good/bad for learning. But I’ve had my 5 minute little break and it’s back to work now 😛



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