Less Procrastinating, More Goal Achieving (NM)

Not Marked. Bit of a nerdy post for you here.

I really want to do well in this degree! My Easter holidays so far have consisted of slaving away over my laptop, or Burton library’s computers (not really a place I’d recommend to be fair) in order to get this dissertation out of the way so I can make a start on my other gazillion assignments.

But no matter how much I want to do well, I can’t help but keep procrastinating. I’m a hard worker don’t get me wrong, but I keep finding myself every so often giving myself little breaks by browsing facebook, or reading funny articles on student beans. So I decided to try something new – turn off Facebook and all other social media.. But despite this, I still find ways to procrastinate. I think my mind just gets so stressed out by writing the same old thing day after day it’s like “AARHH please let me think about something else instead”. And anyway researchers say that its okay, apparently many students procrastinate, and one of the main reasons we do it is due to fear of how difficult the task is and we panic we are going to fail so want to take our minds off it!! (Milgram, Dangour & Ravi, 1992).

I then thought if I’m going procrastinate.. I should at least browse something that’s going to be useful. And keeping within this style of browsing, I’m basically still working. Right? So my new rule is procrastination is only allowed if its educational 😛

Today’s procrastination: learn how to achieve my goals – write them down.

“The act of putting an idea down on paper (figuratively speaking) causes you to contemplate that idea in a more focused and thoughtful way.” Professor Kohl says that people who write down their goals are more likely to reach them than people who dont. Another thing, Dr Gail Matthews says people who share their goals with their friends are 33% more likely to accomplish them than those who don’t! Maybe that has got something to do with the embarrassment factor.. like if you’ve told someone your goal and you don’t achieve it you’ll feel a bit silly. What do you think? :S

I’ve decided to incorporate both these things, write it down (on virtual paper lol) and share with people (you guys!).

So here it goes: my goal is to achieve a 2.1 overall for my degree 😀


Man why can’t all my blogs be this quick and easy to write 😛

Back to work!


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