Still seeing it as your worst enemy?

Man, this is Emart Sale Navigation is literally identical to my A-Level Product Design idea, if only I had taken it to dragon’s den.. I could have been rich by now 😉

Anyway, check out this blog post. It’s worth a read!

Saatchi & Saatchi X London

While many retailers around the world relentlessly try to fight back against shoppers walking in-store armed with their smartphones, seeing them as the most dangerous threat to their businesses, some brands are wisely starting to consider mobile as a potential ally.

Take Emart, the leading South Korean hypermarket, who recently launched the Emart Sale Navigation project, adopting an innovative LED light based technology (much more reliable than indoor GPS).

A smartphone application shows shoppers the navigation map of the store where they are buying and where a number of discounts are located. It drives consumers through the exact route to reach them and alerts them on the opportunity to download coupons to take with them, when they are near an on-sale item.

Moreover, Hointer, a jeans shop in Seattle, is using a mix of robotics, mobile technology and fashion to deliver its predominantly male audience with a hassle-free shopping experience.

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“You’re More Beautiful Than You Think”

This advert has been splashed aaaaaaall over the internet and I’ve read many other bloggers and students’ opinions on this ad. Some people think it’s offensive to women and are suggesting that Dove are calling women stupid. Whereas others have found it inspiring and say it’s great for women’s self-esteem. I thought it was time to share my opinion on this, and as a woman, I think the campaign is really inspiring!!

You can view all of the sketches here and as you can see the sketch described by the second person is always more ‘beautiful’ and actually more of an accurate representation of how the woman looks. What Dove are trying to say here is that women see themselves as ‘uglier’ than they actually are, and that they focus too much on their assets that they dislike rather than the ones that they like. Dove are suggesting that women should turn this around and start focusing on the features they do like about themselves.

This isn’t Dove’s first attempt at trying to build women’s confidence and a positive self-image. There was the first Real Beauty campaign where they wanted real women of all shapes and sizes in their ads instead of size 0 models plastered in makeup. (Only thing that bugged me here is that some women are naturally teeny tiny size 0, it would have been nice to have seen some of these women in the pics too).

real beauty

And, why should we view a feature as negative when it could actually be a positive?

Dove questions ed4

There was also the Evolution of Beauty, where they wanted to show that women often seen in adverts and on TV aren’t natural; they are usually photoshopped. So we shouldn’t get upset when we don’t look like this.. because well, it’s actually impossible unless someone invents a real-life photo shop booth.

evo of beauty

I think Dove (well Unilever) are actually a really great company for going down this route of marketing. Of course we all know that whilst they are trying to make us ladies feel happy and confident in our bodies.. at the same time they are still trying to sell their products. Many people have brought this up and tried to find faults with their campaigns due to this. Suggesting that the women in the ads are already too beautiful or that they’ve got their stats wrong, or that Dove are being sneaky and don’t really mean it and are literally just trying to sell soap.

…Of course they want to increase sales, but they are also trying to provide a significant change in redefining advertising standards and trying to stop the unrealistic ideas of the way women look. But even if they are just trying to sell soap.. who cares?! These ads are working by making women feel more confident about themselves and making them realise that they are beautiful. So I’m totally for these ads!

Well done Dove!

Just to remind you this is my own opinion on the campaign, I understand people have different views. In fact, it’d be lovely to hear (well, read) some of your opinions?

Logos – if they told the truth

You know you’ve hit the jackpot with brand awareness when consumers can instantly identify your brand just by seeing the logo (or even just part of the logo)!!! You’re probably all familiar with the smart phone games like LogoQuiz and Icomania where people will spend hours guessing the name of particular logos.

Well, I stumbled across this earlier Logos If They Told The Truth – a silly twist on famous logos of what someone thinks they should really say. A lot of them are American but I bet you’ll still recognise them (and agree with what they say :P)

These were some of my faves:
Facebook: Procrastination. Think many people can relate to this.

Carlsberg: Carolies. I think there’s almost 200 calories in a pint of Carlsberg haha.

Starbucks: sugarbomb combos. But it’s the crazy amount of sugar that makes them taste so yummy!!

Attention Grabbing Ads

Our Consumer lecture this week was all about exposure and attention, one of the main topics was grabbing attention.

These days we are bombarded with adverts so advertisers need to do all they can in order for theirs to stand out and be remembered. For an effective attention-grabbing ad it needs to be big and intense. Have a good use of colour. Be isolated – by this I mean it should try and avoid being near other ads that will try and compete for its attention. It should be able to entertain us. Be unexpected, we all have expectations of what we are likely to encounter during our daily routine so something that is unexpected creates a mental incongruity. It should also be distinctive, this is fairly simple really – the ad that stands out the most will create the most attention. Finally human attraction is great for grabbing attention, so using celebrities is good for this, kinda like I spoke about in my previous post.. and also the use of naked people grabs our attention (But sorry boys, I won’t be including any of these examples in my blogs haha).

Here’s an example of some extreme attention-grabbing ad in relation to these things:


Mcdonald’s.. so they’ve definitely gone big and intense by taking up the whole of road! It’s definitely unexpected too.. not the usual thing you expect to see when casually roaming the streets. And it’s entertaining, I wouldn’t say crossing the road is one of the most thrilling choices of activities haha but this makes it a bit more fun in a weird way. They’ve got the use of colour for grabbing our attention, nobody is going to miss that bright red and yellow thing on the floor are they? Also red is the most attention-grabbing out of all of the colours. McDonald’s have also done a great job by making this ad isolated and distinctive.

Not sure how they’ve got away with it though.. I mean are the fries supposed to be a zebra crossing? Surely cars will get a bit confused over this and cause accidents on the road.
This is actually one of the problems that comes with attention-grabbing adverts.. they come with risks.

Take this one for example:


I mean that’s some cool advertising, the first thing that comes to mind for me in terms of risks is “the cars will crash due to focusing on that rather than the road” and “people are going to think there’s an actual man on that billboard” haha.

But there are other risks with attention-grabbing stimuli: it might distract you from the rest of the message, it may infere with information processing, and sometimes it can even be seen as manipulative.

One other point on how to get the most attention grabbing ad is to add some movement!! I may go into more detail on this on another post 😀

Reflective Blog – Oops, sorry about the essay

So it is time to reflect on the past 9 weeks. What a great 9 weeks they have been!

The Module

If I’m completely honest when I first started out this module I had little interest in the science of learning (I know, I’m sorry I’m sorry). The main reason I chose this module was because it was blog-based, and after the research methods blogs in second year I was really looking forward to getting back into blogging.

But oh how things have changed! During these 9 weeks I have actually begun to really enjoy learning about learning. As a student it’s been helpful to research scientific things about learning because obviously this is going to help me with my studies, shame it’s the final module of the year though eh? I feel as though I have learnt so much, actually the most from this module than from any other module throughout uni, I think this is because we have been thrown out there and been made to find things for ourselves. We haven’t been told what to learn, so we’ve been learning about things because we want to!! (I cant remember the name of who said it, but I actually have learnt on this module that you are going to be more motivated if you are interested 😀 hehe – see theres me showing off my new found knowledge!).

The Blogs

With blogs, I like that we get to choose whatever we want to write about, find all the information on it and then post and share it with everyone ready to see their opinions on the topic. It may be quite a demanding way to be assessed – basically having a mini essay to write every week, but I personally much prefer this rather than being forced to do a stressful exam at the end of the semester.

The Comments

If I had to give one criticism to this module, I’m sorry but it would have to be about the comments. I’m not saying we shouldn’t comment on others’ blogs, not at all! I think this is a great idea, I’ve learnt loads from other peoples’ comments on my blogs and I hope I have helped others with my comments.

I just feel as though it was a bit too stressful at times, in order to boost a grade we were required to do 6+ comments. In order for me to write a “good” comment I would say it took me about 1-2 hours per comment!!! As first there was to read and choose a blog to comment on – then ensure you understood what they were saying – then read any comments already posted on their blog – then try and find something extra and beneficial to contribute – then make sure you can back up your argument with supporting evidence. So yeah, it took me a very long time, and I can understand that maybe my argument for this criticism is weak because we are final year university students, we should be able to handle the pressure, but I just wanted to point it out ☺.

The Presentations

Aaaaaaah the presentations. Ok, this is going to sound crazy… But when we went to that first introduction seminar 10 weeks ago to find out about the module, Jesse told us that we would have to present 4 of our blogs and UPLOAD 2 of them. This actually horrified me, I actually considered swapping modules due to this because oral presentations terrify me. Then I thought, “don’t be so silly, just get on with it, whats the worse that can happen”.

I’m really pleased I just got up and went with it. I still may get nervous but its good to see recorded videos of yourself because you can find areas of how to improve and to make yourself a better speaker. Looking back on my presentations I can definitely see how I have improved over the course of the presentations. Still a bit more to go but I think I might be “almost” ready for that big scary project presentation lol.

Uh but anyway, I think this wasn’t the reason we were made to do talks!! I think Jesse wanted us to do the talks in order to present our blogs and get the discussions flowing in class too. It definitely did this. I think by watching the person deliver the talk was a good way to hear about what they had learnt and you could ask direct questions there and then.

Presentations were also cool for the “face behind the blog” thing. Made it a bit more personal when commenting on blogs, so it wasn’t just like you were talking to PSU-whoever, you actually felt as though you were talking to a classmate.

Sorry I’ve rambled a bit. I don’t think many people are even going read this one haha!! But yeah – it’s been great! If you are someone who is thinking of doing this module next year then I would say go for it! IF you are prepared to take on the work load, of course. It is definitely not a “easy-option” module.

So that’s it. My last ever blog post for Bangor uni 😦

Thanks for reading.
Bye Bye!

Pepsi and Beyonce

I take the Consumer Psychology module so analysing adverts is actually beneficial towards my exam… ;-).

I started writing this the day the advert first came out (April 4th or something) but like I said on previous post.. I’ve actually been too busy to procrastinate, and then I ended up being ill. But now my dissertation is in a good place, it’s 5am, I can’t sleep so what else is there to do apart from write optional blog posts related to your degree…? Lol

For those of you who know me, you’ll know I’m a huge Beyonce fan and a massive consumer psychology nerd (I love adverts). So this new Pepsi advert starring Beyonce is just my idea of perfection!!!

Here’s Beyonce strutting her stuff practising for her new music video (eeeeek! I love how we got a sneak preview of the new song). She stops to take a break from her hard work with that nice cold can of Pepsi. When she suddenly starts having a dance off with herself in the mirror – incase you don’t know the Beyonces in the mirror are her older selves from previous music videos :D. I think this is really cool for Pepsi’s Live for Now campaign. As it’s like she’s living for now with the Pepsi break during her new dance video, but (like she says) embracing the past by seeing her former self in the reflection. It’s cool how the song is called “Grown Woman” so it’s like shes seeing how far she’s come etc etc.

I’m not sure if I still quite get this whole celebrity endorsement thing though. Research says that consumers actually believe that the celebrities are motivated by the product rather than the money they are being paid to star in the ads (Atkin & Block, 1983). But other research says that celeb endorsement only works if the consumer can relate the celebrity to the product (Tim & Shimp, 1998)… but in my opinion, for someone such as Beyonce with such a toned figure, I don’t really know how we can relate her to a fizzy drink lol.

Also, research has shown that celebrity endorsement doesn’t actually increase sales, so why are companies still doing it?

I think even if technically the celebrity doesn’t encourage people to buy the product. Maybe seeing the celebrity in the advert captures our attention and makes us remember the advert, and thus makes us remember the product. This is a great example, Beyonce fans (and considering ALL her UK tour tickets sold out within 10 minutes just a couple of months ago – there must be a lot of them) are going to remember this advert because it’s so unique and exciting??? So we’ll probably subconsciously wanting to drink pepsi all day? haha

196683-beyonce-pepsi creepy

Oh here’s a load of people moaning about celebrities encouraging obesity and what not:

10 Things you wish you knew before starting your dissertation (NM)

Ok so this may not be educational procrastination but the reason I haven’t uploaded any posts here for a while is because I haven’t actually had time to procrastinate :’) how good is that?? And it’s almost 3am and I can’t sleep.

As it’s just over a week until our 3rd year Dissertation is due in I found this article on The Gaurdian and wanted to share it with people. (More detail if you want to click on the link) Thought you may all appreciate it lol!

Things you wish you knew before starting your Dissertation

1 You can change your dissertation supervisor (Ok, this one didnt apply to me. I would have cried if someone tried to take my supervisor away from me haha)

2 If you mention working on your dissertation to family, friends or near-strangers, they will ask you what it’s about, and they will be expecting a more impressive answer than you can give. As I have been banging on about Consumer Psychology for the last 4 years my friends & family were not interested in the slightest about my project when I told them I wasn’t investigating anything Consumer Psychology related but instead I was investigating: The Effects of Materials and Reward on Learning.

3 If they ask follow-up questions, they’re probably just being polite. I couldn’t name one person who wanted to ask any follow up questions 😛

4 Do not ask friends how much work they’ve done. You’ll end up paranoid – or they will. Either way, you don’t have time for it.
This is the popular question flying around at the moment..

5 There will be one day, probably a couple of months before deadline, when you will freak out, doubt your entire thesis and decide to start again from scratch. You might even come up with a new question and start working on it, My flatmate definitely be very familiar with this one. Luckily she decided not to change topics and I think she was very pleased with this decision lol!! This isn’t really applicable to Psych as you would have to get your whole group to agree to change the project and I’m sure one of them would have had a sensible head on.

Although I think we all have that ‘panic moment’ where you think it’s ALL gone wrong. This happened to me last week when I suddenly decided I had analysed & interpreted the whole of my project wrong. After couple of hours of my friends reassuring me I hadn’t things soon got back on track. Haha!!

6 A lot of the work you do will not make it into your dissertation. Oh yes… many many days on SPSS have been wasted finding irrelevant/wrong data. Research you will have slaved over in second year for project proposal will be scrapped too. For my dissertation we had made our participants revise and gave them a test at the end of it and me and my project group actually even wrote out a whole story about this imaginary holiday destination with all these cool people and facts about the place which we were going to test them on. Then we were told we had to test participants on something ‘real’. We ended up testing them on The Eye…

7 You will print like you have never printed before. And if you are me you will then end up spilling tea on it all…
LOL tea

8 Your dissertation will interfere with whatever else you have going on – a social life, sporting commitments, societies, other essay demands. I haven’t been out since my birthday (February) and when I was home for Easter I even turned down the pub with all my besties 😦

9 Your time is not your own. Even if you’re super-organised, plan your time down to the last hour and don’t have a single moment of deadline panic, you’ll still find that thoughts of your dissertation will creep up on you when you least expect it. I (and many of my friends who I have spoken about this to) have dreamt about the dissertation!!!

10 Finishing it will be one of the best things you’ve ever done. It’s worth the hard work to know you’ve completed what’s likely to be your biggest, most important, single piece of work. And you’re proud of it. I wouldn’t actually know this yet AS I’M STILL WRITING THE THING!!!

Anything else that we should include on this list?